Brussels considered the first project of hydrogen production and distribution plant in Bolzano Sud one of the best practice at European level.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Province of Bolzano Alto Adige, Brenner motorway and the Institute for Innovative Technology (IIT) the Bolzano Sud plant (production, distribution, training, excellence center) represents the first concrete step towards the implementation of the so-called hydrogen highway between Monaco and Modena, characterized by one hydrogen filling station per 600 km.

The plant, due to its ability to produce 2 million cubic meters of hydrogen per year (50 thousand cars or buses), will replace 650 thousand liters of gasoline, or 550 thousand liters of diesel fuel, with a carbon dioxide saving of 1.5 million kg per year.

The project, as stated by Francesco Brocani (EU officer), will shortly be presented by Europe as one of the sector best practices. “This is a technology that still has a limited impact with regard to end use – Walter Huber (IIT President) said – but it is necessary to move quickly, experiencing the best possible solutions thanks to strong public support. From this point of view, an important contribution comes from funding under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Source: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano Alto Adige

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