EasyJet is planning to use fuel cells technology on its airplanes to cut carbon emissions. The airline company exploring the use fuel cells during trials in 2016 to allow aircraft to taxi to and from the runway.

EasyJet’s “hybrid plane” would use a fuel cell stowed in the aircraft’s large luggage compartment, which would capture energy generated during landing and could charge the system’s lightweight batteries on the ground – a similar system to one developed in Formula 1 cars. Instead of relying on tug vehicles to manoeuvre planes in and out of airport stands, the aircraft would use electric motors in their main wheels when taxiing, which EasyJet said should also improve operations and punctuality.

Around 4% of EasyJet’s total fuel consumption is used in taxiing. EasyJet has targeted a 7% cut in its CO2 emissions (currently 81 grams a passenger kilometre) by 2020.

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Photo credit: Wikipedia