The Italian Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (H2It) and the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST), a founding partner of H2It, cooperate actively with the European Hydrogen Association (EHA) to promote the advancement of knowledge and the study of subjects related to technologies and systems for the production and utilization of hydrogen.

H2It, established with the goal of creating a national referral organization for the development of hydrogen and fuel cells infrastructure in Italy, since its inception (in 2005) has always looked for a strong connection with the important european activities. Indeed H2It is a member of the similar European institution (EHA)since 2005.

The rising and closer relationships push EHA to avail of H2It and FAST organizational capacity and skills. So even today continues the successful collaboration started in 2005. The collaboration is expressed predominantly in the dissemination of several European projects and studies conducted in partnership. Among the projects funded by the European FCH JU:

KnowHy – Improving the knowledge of hydrogen and fuel cell technology for technicians and workers

Hy Lift Europe – Large scale demonstration of fuel cell powered heavy-duty forklifts and airport tow tractors

Don Quichote – Demonstration of new qualitative innovative concept of hydrogen out of wind turbine electricity

Alkammonia – Ammonia fuelled alkaline fuel cells for remote power applications

HyResponse – European Hydrogen Emergency Response Training Programme for First Responders

Power-Up – Demonstration of 500 kWe alkaline fuel cell system with heat capture