On July 8 has been presented the Italian National Plan for H2 mobility. The event took place in Catania (Italy) during the Italian National Conference for Green Mobility.

Italy will join other European States that already have a national plan for H2 Mobility, namely: United Kingdom (UK H2 Mobility), France (Mobilité hydrogène France), Germany (h2-mobility.de) and the Scandinavian countries through the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership. Similar initiatives will be launched soon in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands and Switzerland.

The Italian Plan foresees 20 H2 filling stations by 2020 (10 for cars and 10 for buses), which are expected to become 197 in 2025 (141 for cars and 56 for buses).

In parallel to the refuelling infrastructure construction is foresees before 2020 a first fleet of 1000 fuel cell cars on the Italian roads. In 2025 number of cars is expected to rise to 27,000 then around 290,000 in 2030 and 8.5 M in 2050. Regarding fuel cell buses, the H2 plan foreseen 100 buses before 2020, the number will increase to 1100 in 2025 then 3700 in 2030 and around 23,000 in 2050.

These initiatives will enable to achieve a minimum coverage of TEN-T network and main cities enabling the diffusion of hydrogen technologies on large scale.

For more information, have a look at the mobilitah2.it website