Tuesday, February 27th was the ‘study day’ promoted by the Sapio Award, a project that aims at supporting research and innovation, dedicated to “Green economy, energy policies and circular economy: the state of eco-innovation in Italy”.

Invited to the event some important protagonists of sustainable mobility, besides the President of Sapio, also President of the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association, Alberto Dossi, partecipated; Raffele Tiscar, head of the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea, Enrico Pisino, President of the Transport Cluster and Michele Viale, Chief Executive Officer of Alstom Ferroviaria.

Particular attention was given to the role played by hydrogen in the evolution towards zero-emission mobility. Alberto Dossi, describing the mobilitàH2 project, underlined the commitment of the H2IT Association to include hydrogen among alternative fuels for future Italian car fleet and Michele Viale, CEO of Alstom Ferroviaria, presented Coradia iLint, the new regional train powered by hydrogen fuel cells in Germany, which guarantees zero emissions and a passenger service on non-electrified networks, with the hope that the Italian regions and authorities will soon follow the German example.