The first courses for technicians on FC&H2 are going to start in September 2016
The EU-funded project KnowHy “ Improving the Knowledge in Hydrogen and fuel cell technology for technicians”, carried out a by a consortium of experienced partners.. More info >>
FAST – H2IT – EHA for hydrogen technology development and dissemination
The Italian Association for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (H2It) and the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST), a founding partner of H2It, cooperate actively with the European Hydrogen Association (EHA) to promote the advancement of knowledge and the study of subjects related to technologies and systems for the production and utilization of hydrogen.
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SHEL, Sustainable Hydrogen Evaluation in Logistics
The main aim of this project is to demonstrate the market readiness of fuel cell applied materials handling vehicles and associated hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. It will demonstrate 10 FC Fork Lift Trucks and associated hydrogen refueling infrastructure across 3 sites in Turkey, UK, and Spain.
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Hy Professional
Hy Professional project is focused on the development of educational programmes and training initiatives for technical professionals to secure the required mid and long term availability of human resources capable to properly operate the technologies safely.
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Two fuel cell minibus for Nordic ski World Championships in Val di Fiemme
On February 16, 2013,  two minibuses fuel cells powered by hydrogen were presented in  Trento
CHIC project: 5 fuel cell buses for Bolzano
The Council of Bolzano gave the green light to a notice for the purchase of 5 hydrogen buses. The 5 fuel cell buses are part of the CHIC project supported by European Union which was signed by a consortium of European cities and provinces including the Province of Bolzano, London, Oslo, Milan and Aarau.
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Energy independence with hydrogen
A building dating from the early ‘900 located in Gignod – Valle d’Aosta, is changing its energy class G (an oil boiler) to hydrogen. The needs for heat and electricity will be fully satisfied from renewable sources and the building will be independent of public power distribution networks: “off grid”.
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Next EU FCH Bus fleet project launched in Liguria
The latest EU Fuel Cell Hydrogen bus project, High V.LO-City, was inaugurated by the president of the Provice of Imperia on March 23, 2012.
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Idrogeno come combustibile pulito: su Nature Communications il nuovo studio italiano per combattere l’effetto serra con energie rinnovabili
Produrre idrogeno dall’acqua grazie a un processo elettrochimico, 'pulito' ed efficiente: un team italiano ha dimostrato che è possibile. Di fresca pubblicazione sulla prestigiosa rivista Nature.. More info >>
PHOCS: Photogenerated Hydrogen by Organic Catalytic Systems
January 2013 - Started PHOCS project (Photogenerated Hydrogen by Catalytic Organic Systems), whose goal is to achieve zero-emission devices for the production of hydrogen. Funded under the.. More info >>
Francia, progetto GRHYD: l’idrogeno fa da ponte tra rete elettrica e del gas
Progetto GRHYD: stoccare l'energia in eccesso prodotta dalle fonti rinnovabili non programmabili per immetterla in un secondo tempo nella rete del gas, utilizzando in entrambi.. More info >>
INGRID Project to Launch 1.2 MW Electrolyser with 1 ton of Storage for Smart Grid Balancing in Italy
A consortium of seven European partners have joined to launch the INGRID project – a € 23.9 million four year project combining electrolysis, hydrogen.. More info >>
Electric vehicles: new charging station in public spaces
Article 6 of the draft bill "Regulations for the development of urban green areas" (AS 2472) examined by the Camera dei Deputati in order to.. More info >>
Trollybuses unveiled in Parma
A TROLLEYMOTION workshop meeting and the presentation to the City of Parma and the public of the first of 9 electric trolleybuses based on the.. More info >>
In Italy the first free and fast charging station for electric vehicles
The first free and fast charging station for electric vehicles in the country was presented March 15, 2012 in Monza at Iper, La grande i. The initiative is part of the project "Green.. More info >>
Energy Authority: funding for more than a thousand columns for recharging electric cars in Italy
The Energy Authority has made available around 2,300,000 euros to finance more than a thousand columns for recharging electric cars throughout Italy. The projects, admitted to.. More info >>
Industria 2015: 2 hydrogen projects funded under call for proposal “Tecnologie per il Made in Italy”
On 8 June 2010 the Official Gazette has published the ranking of the projects eligible for funding under the call «Nuove Tecnologie per il Made.. More info >>
Industria 2015: HY-Tractor project
HY-Tractor Project Description: Construction of an innovative and ecological sub-surface seeder provided with electrical rather then pneumatic or hydraulic actuators More info >>