Stati generali idrogeno e celle a combustibile
Strategia Energetica Nazionale e Mobilità Sostenibile

L’Italia è pronta per la “rivoluzione smart, green and clean”? I veicoli elettrici possono costituire un’alternativa ai veicoli tradizionali e rispondere alle esigenze di mobilità urbana.. More info >>
Plug Power announces expanded collaboration with Walmart
LATHAM, N.Y., July 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plug Power Inc More info >>
First hydrogen streetsweeper
The dutch slogan “Van broem naar zoem” poetically communicates the transition to emission free hydrogen electric vehicles. Along with this slogan, the Dutch hydrogen centre Holthausen presented the worlds first hydrogen.. More info >>
Amazon acquires right to buy stake in fuel cell maker Plug Power
Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, will equip forklifts at 11 warehouses this year with hydrogen fuel cells so they can lift more goods before.. More info >>
PowerCell, Hexagon Composites and Nel have signed a Letter of Intent
Press Release. The leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) has signed a Letter of Intent together with Hexagon Composites ASA and Nel ASA, both companies.. More info >>
Is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift in Your Future?
A secret ingredient is fueling innovation in the forklift industry – hydrogen! Actually, hydrogen fuel cell technology is becoming less of a secret every day.. More info >>
The first courses for technicians on FC&H2 are going to start in September 2016
The EU-funded project KnowHy “ Improving the Knowledge in Hydrogen and fuel cell technology for technicians”, carried out a by a consortium of experienced partners.. More info >>
HyRESPONSE final workshop
HyResponse final Workshop (15 -16 September 2016, ENSOSP, Aix-en-Provence) European hydrogen emergency response training program for first responders Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (FCH) technologies and applications both.. More info >>
Official opening hydrogen station “Don Quichote” in March 2016
The use of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, able to store large quantities of energy for longer periods of time, could significantly contribute to.. More info >>
HyRESPONSE training programme first spark in March
First European hydrogen safety and emergency response training for first responders and firefighters is taking place between the 14th-18th of March 2016 in face-to-face mode.. More info >>