EU Parliament Industry Committee discusses Storage
On April 21 the EU Parliament organized a Hearing on storage technologies, chaired by ITRE Committee chairman Jerzy Buzek. Patrick Clerens, director of the European Association.. More info >>
European Alternative Fuels Observatory online!
Following the example of the European Electromobility Observatory, EEO,  the European Commission has launched a website providing specialised data and relevant information on alternative transport.. More info >>
EU Commission confirms €1.4 bln for FCH JU till 2020
The EC announced (10 July) that it will invest  more than EUR22 billion over the next seven years in innovation for sectors that deliver high.. More info >>
EC launch Clean Power for Transport Initiative
On January 24, 2013 EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas announced the  Clean Power for Transport for Europe package to put harmonised infrastructure for all alternative fuels including.. More info >>
DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 16 dicembre 2016, n. 257
E' stato emanato il Decreto Legislativo del 16 dicembre 2016, n
eco-vehicles incentives
The Minister for Economic Development, in consultation with the Minister of Economy and Finance has allocated 120 million euro for the period 2013-2015 to promote.. More info >>
Sistemi Efficienti di Utenza (SEU): for competitive alternative sources
The energy supply and demand is in direct contact, without intermediaries and without going through the electrical system, with SEU. Regulated by Legislative Decree 115/2008, then amended.. More info >>
Lower taxes on work funded by the carbon tax
In the night between Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 November, the Senate Finance Committee unanimously approved an amendment to the tax delegation (which now must.. More info >>
Environmental Energy Programme of Lombardy region
Lombardy Region, accepting the proposal of Marcello Raimondi Councillor for the Environment, Energy and Networks and Daniele Belotti Councillor for Territory and Urban Development, adopted the.. More info >>
Lombardia: approved the guidelines for the drafting of the new Energy Environmental Regional Programme (Pear)
The Lombardy Regional Council approved the guidelines for the drafting of the new Energy Environmental Regional  Programme (Pear) More info >>
The autonomous province of Trento thinks of hydro-methane future
Seven years after the adoption of the energy and environmental plan, the provincial government of Trentino has decided to monitor the targets set in 2003,.. More info >>
Hydrogen from renewable sources: agreement between Puglia and H2U
Following a proposal of the Regional Ecology Councilor, Onofrio Introna, Puglia's regional council approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Region and the Hydrogen University.. More info >>