27 New Hydrogen Stations Worldwide in 2012
In 2012, 27 new hydrogen refuelling stations were opened worldwide, bringing the number of hydrogen stations in service to a total of 208 by March.. More info >>
White House Expands on Obama’s Plans for Energy Security Trust
The White House has published more details about President Obama’s plans to form an Energy Security Trust, first mentioned in his 2013 State of the.. More info >>
Boeing’s liquid hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye unmanned aircraft
Boeing's liquid hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye unmanned aircraft system has completed taxi testing at Edwards Air Force Base in California as it progresses toward its second.. More info >>
Toyota and BMW to Develop Fuel Cell Vehicle Platform by 2020
Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Germany’s BMW Group will jointly develop a fuel cell vehicle platform by 2020 More info >>
Francia, progetto GRHYD: l’idrogeno fa da ponte tra rete elettrica e del gas
Progetto GRHYD: stoccare l'energia in eccesso prodotta dalle fonti rinnovabili non programmabili per immetterla in un secondo tempo nella rete del gas, utilizzando in entrambi.. More info >>
The Industry Review 2012
The Fuel Cell Today Industry Review 2012 reports annual fuel cell system shipments (excluding toys and education kits) in 2011 were 24,600 – growing by 39% compared.. More info >>
Fuel Cell Industry commits € 3 bln. investment for next 7 years of market roll out.
At the 5th Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU Stakeholders Meeting in Paris on October 12 the result of recent industry survey were presented.. More info >>
Developments taking place in Europe in fuel cells for combined generation of home heat and power (micro-CHP)
With the pioneering Ene-Farm programme in Japan going from strength to strength and thousands of new units of fuel cells for combined generation of home heat.. More info >>
California Road Map for Fuel Cell Vehicle Commercialisation
Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are poised to enter California’s commercial market in 2015, helping the state reach its goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions,.. More info >>
Hydrogen-powered taxis to transport VIPs during the Olympic period!
The HyTEC project (Hydrogen Transport in European Cities), which is co-funded by the European Union, will deploy up to 15 London black fuel cell taxis, five.. More info >>