Hyundai to provide FCEV for Oslo’s public fleets and taxi firms
Hyundai  signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Norwegian firm Hydrogen Operation, (HYOP) in Seoul on May 15, 2012,  to support Oslo’s pilot project to.. More info >>
Marks&Spencer, Coca-Cola go greener with Fuel Cells
Popular fashion retailer Marks & Spencer has signed an agreement with ITM Power to deliver the UK’s first fuel cell material handling trial using on-site hydrogen.. More info >>
ITM Power to Lead Study on Renewable Hydrogen Injection into UK Gas Grid
The ITM Power-led project is examining the option of injecting hydrogen into the existing natural gas network, which would for example make it available to fuel cells for residential heat and power cogeneration (micro-CHP) once these are deployed in UK homes.
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Volvo contests EC predictions on electric cars
The European Commission’s forecast of a 3-4% market share for electric cars by 2020 is unrealistic, chief executive of Volvo Cars Stefan Jacoby told an.. More info >>
Danish Government to launch hydrogen Infrastructure Program & continue FCEV tax exemptions throughout 2015
The Danish Government has announced a new Energy Plan 2020 that includes establishment of a range of initiatives for hydrogen infrastructure and FCEV’s with the.. More info >>
SuperGrids and MiniGrids
At the One Europe One Grid conference a joint declaration was signed between Climate Parlement, Desertec More info >>
Toyota unveils commercialization plans at Motor Show in Geneva
Toyota unveiled its commercialization plans for its fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show on March 7, 2012, presenting its FCV-R concept.
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HyER kicks off Electro-mobility Monitoring Pilot in Key EU Regions
On February 27, 2012 HyER launched a pilot project to collect key data of relevant electro-mobility projects in six key regions in Europe. Coordinated by a.. More info >>
Worldwide 12 new hydrogen refueling stations in 2011
In 2011, worldwide, 12 new hydrogen fueling stations have been opened. This brought the total number of in-service gas stations on 215. An additional 122 stations are worldwide in planning.
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Carmakers to Standardize Hydrogen Supply Systems for Fuel-Cell Cars
Eleven leading global automakers have joined together to standardise hydrogen supply systems for fuel-cell vehicles, according to a Nikkei report.
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