Fuel Cell Today annual Industry Review 2011
Over the last five years there has been a twenty-fold increase in shipments of fuel cells with year-on-year growth in both units and megawatts shipped.
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Japan revises standards and regulations for hydrogen refuelling stations
The Japan Petroleum Energy Center (JPEC) commissioned TÜV SÜD to map the state of the art in hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany and Europe. Japanese Government aims to advance the establishment of a national network of 70-MPa (700 bar) hydrogen refuelling stations.
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The Launch of UKH2Mobility
The new programme – UKH2Mobility – will evaluate the potential for hydrogen as a fuel for Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK before developing an action plan for an anticipated roll-out to consumers in 2014/15.
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World’s first hydrogen-powered three‐wheelers launched in New Delhi
The world’s first fleet of hydrogen-fuelled 3-wheelers, or rickshaws, were launched in New Delhi.
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Further Apple Patents Show How Fuel Cells Could Integrate into Future MacBooks, Charge iDevices
Apple is exploring innovative fuel cell stack configurations for use in its highly successful portable consumer electronics, four newly published patent applications can reveal. The patent applications carry a surprisingly strong socio-political message that shows sincerity in Apple’s interest in powering their devices more sustainably.
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Report on Financial and technology outlook on FCH in Europe 2014 – 2020
The “Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies in Europe; Financial and technology outlook on the European sector ambition 2014 – 2020” was made public in November 2011 during.. More info >>
Durban: a first step to go beyond the Kyoto Protocol
After complex negotiations, the agreement signed at the conclusion of the 17th UN climate conference, held in Durban, includes the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol until 2020 , when a new international treaty will.. More info >>
Pilot plant to convert wind energy into hydrogen
E. ON Group is investing more than € 5 million for a pilot plant able to convert wind energy into hydrogen. From 2013 the plant will be capable of generating 360 m3 of hydrogen per hour, through a process of electrolysis.
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From HyRaMP to HyER
On October 28, 2011 thirty-two European Regions and Municipalities agreed to work together to accelerate the deployment of electric battery and electric fuel cell vehicles.. More info >>
The Business Case for Fuel Cells 2011
  Fuel Cells 2000 has released ‘The Business Case for Fuel Cells 2011: Energizing America’s Top Companies’, which follows on from last year’s ‘Why Top Companies.. More info >>