Large Scale Energy Storage Technologies to Capitalise on Renewables
High use of renewable energy is possible through efficient energy storage methods, creating huge opportunities for market growth.
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New hybrid system for converting sunlight into electricity
Nico Hotz, from Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, has created a new hybrid system for converting sunlight into electricity, which can be placed in residential rooftops.. More info >>
Hydrogen Vehicles Designed & Built in Singapore take 1st Place at Shell Ecomarathon Asia
The Shell Ecomarathon Asia took place on July 6‐9 at the F1 circuit in Sepang, Malaysia, and brought together 94 student teams from 12 countries.. More info >>
Daimler and Linde provide H2 refuelling network throughout Germany
Car manufacturer Daimler and technology company The Linde Group are pressing ahead with the development of an infrastructure for hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles More info >>
London: the epicenter of electric vehicles in Europe?
London takes a step forward for the title of Electric Car European Capital: 150 new green filling stations were installed in the city. With these new stations, Londoners (electric car owners) can now recharge in a total of 400 distributors. The overall project involves the creation of 1,300.. More info >>
Mercedes F-CELL Final Leg of World Drive
The three Mercedes B-Class F-CELL cars began their planned 125 day World Drive in Stuttgart, Germany in early January marking the 125th anniversary of the.. More info >>
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: France’s National Program
With Pan-H (2005-2008) and HPAC (2009 – 2010) program, France mobilized about 99,3 M€ for hydrogen for a total of 89 projects funded. PROGELEC 2011-2013 is the new program related to energy issues.
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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Korea’s National Program
The South Korean government is firmly committed to the idea of low carbon economic growth and economic stimulus through the promotion of new technology. The budget for fuel cells is around US$100 million per year.
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EU Parliament working document adopts suggestions to include role of hydrogen in EU Energy infrastructure
The EU Parliament discussed a working paper on February 10  on the EU dossier “Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond” (COM 2010/677), including references.. More info >>
Hydrogen explosions Fukushima nuclear plant: what happened?
The terrible news of the natural disaster in Japan has pointed all eyes to the safety of nuclear power plants More info >>