TPG group at Genoa University
The University of Genoa is active in research and technology transfer issues such as gas turbines, innovation cycles, fuel cells,distributed generation, thermo-economics, hybrid systems, gasification and pyrolysis, renewable energy and hydrogen production and use
Bolzano Sud hydrogen production and distribution plant: one of the best practice at European level
Brussels considered the first project of hydrogen production and distribution plant in Bolzano Sud one of the best practice at European level. Thanks to the collaboration between the Province of Bolzano Alto Adige, Brenner.. More info >>
Technology Pioneer 2012: the first time for an Italian company
On September 1, 2011, for the first time, the Programme recognizes Technology Pioneer 2012 an Italian company: Electro Power Systems (ElectroPS).
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The second Italian Action Plan for Energy Efficiency
on July 27, 2011, in the State-Regions Conference, has been approved, the second Italian Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (2* PAEE). The Italian Action Plan.. More info >>
Province of Trento: micro-cogeneration projects launched
The Province of Trento is fully involved in the project Crisalide aimed at giving the Trentino Region a line of innovative heating systems with micro-CHP globally competitive.
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Fuel cells: the perfect technology to associate with energy from renewable sources
How can we generate power and heat without producing carbon dioxide? This was the central theme of the international conference "Energy from the cell" held June.. More info >>
An hydrogen-methane mixture Iveco EcoDaily prototype for A22
An hydrogen-methane mixture Iveco EcoDaily prototype is officially in service at the company Autostrada del Brennero. The delivery of the prototype fits perfectly into the plans of the two companies, Autostrada del Brennero and Iveco, to increase the commitment to sustainable transport. On the one hand, Iveco and his.. More info >>
Canceled the plan for nuclear power plants in Italy, the Government is now working on the national energy strategy plan.
The Senate of the Republic, with 133 votes in favor, 104 against and 14 abstained, approved the amendment to d.l. Omnibus, repealing the plan for nuclear power plants.. More info >>
Electric car sharing service “E-vai” in Milan, Varese and Como
On 14 December 2010, the electric was presented in Milan at Piazza Cadorna, realized thanks to an agreement between Trenitalia-LeNord and A2A The initiative includes 20.. More info >>
Minister Prestigiacomo signed the environmental compatibility of the hydrogen production plant from natural gas (HMU3) at the Milazzo refinery
On April 1, 2011 Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo signed the decree of the environmental compatibility of the construction of a plant for the production of pure hydrogen from natural gas (HMU3) at the Milazzo refinery. "The project, which intend to use.. More info >>