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Japan focuses on hydrogen and creates Japan H2 Mobility
11 companies including the automakers of Toyota, Nissan and Honda, and infrastructure companies including Air Liquide Japan, announced yesterday the constitution of "Japan H2.. More info >>
AREVA and Schneider Electric agreement for energy storage solutions
AREVA and Schneider Electric will combine their expertise in order to design and propose energy storage solutions that guarantee the reliability of electrical grids for.. More info >>
The Industry Review 2012
The Fuel Cell Today Industry Review 2012 reports annual fuel cell system shipments (excluding toys and education kits) in 2011 were 24,600 – growing by 39% compared.. More info >>
Developments taking place in Europe in fuel cells for combined generation of home heat and power (micro-CHP)
With the pioneering Ene-Farm programme in Japan going from strength to strength and thousands of new units of fuel cells for combined generation of home heat.. More info >>
On-going advances in electrolyser technology
Today there are growing numbers of fuel cell products progress towards commercialisation. In many instances, by addressing the questions around hydrogen supply, electrolysers are smoothing the way for fuel cell deployment.
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Further Apple Patents Show How Fuel Cells Could Integrate into Future MacBooks, Charge iDevices
Apple is exploring innovative fuel cell stack configurations for use in its highly successful portable consumer electronics, four newly published patent applications can reveal. The patent applications carry a surprisingly strong socio-political message that shows sincerity in Apple’s interest in powering their devices more sustainably.
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Genport srl in the Eurecan European Venture Contest final ‐ Barcelona
Genport srl – Spinoff of Politecnico di Milano has been honoured through its selection to the final of the Eurecan European Venture Contest from 987 applications.. More info >>
Horizon Fuel Cell’s Portable hydrogen power
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies recently introduced a palm-size universal portable power charger and power extender for ANY electronic device requiring up to 2W of power More info >>
Visions: Hydrogen flying cities
The Belgian Architect Vincent Callebaut has presented an innovative project for Self-Sufficient BioHydrogen Cities, aiming to provide alternative sustainable transportation and fuel involving zero-emission airships and.. More info >>