SEAFUEL-Green hydrogen to power hydrogen cars on islands
The National University of Ireland in Galway (NUI Galway), has officially launched the SEAFUEL project, co-funded by the 2014-2020 INTERREG Atlantic Area programme, which.. More info >>
Idrogeno come combustibile pulito: su Nature Communications il nuovo studio italiano per combattere l’effetto serra con energie rinnovabili
Produrre idrogeno dall’acqua grazie a un processo elettrochimico, 'pulito' ed efficiente: un team italiano ha dimostrato che è possibile. Di fresca pubblicazione sulla prestigiosa rivista Nature.. More info >>
PHOCS: Photogenerated Hydrogen by Organic Catalytic Systems
January 2013 - Started PHOCS project (Photogenerated Hydrogen by Catalytic Organic Systems), whose goal is to achieve zero-emission devices for the production of hydrogen. Funded under the.. More info >>
Francia, progetto GRHYD: l’idrogeno fa da ponte tra rete elettrica e del gas
Progetto GRHYD: stoccare l'energia in eccesso prodotta dalle fonti rinnovabili non programmabili per immetterla in un secondo tempo nella rete del gas, utilizzando in entrambi.. More info >>
INGRID Project to Launch 1.2 MW Electrolyser with 1 ton of Storage for Smart Grid Balancing in Italy
A consortium of seven European partners have joined to launch the INGRID project – a € 23.9 million four year project combining electrolysis, hydrogen.. More info >>
Hyundai to provide FCEV for Oslo’s public fleets and taxi firms
Hyundai  signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Norwegian firm Hydrogen Operation, (HYOP) in Seoul on May 15, 2012,  to support Oslo’s pilot project to.. More info >>
Marks&Spencer, Coca-Cola go greener with Fuel Cells
Popular fashion retailer Marks & Spencer has signed an agreement with ITM Power to deliver the UK’s first fuel cell material handling trial using on-site hydrogen.. More info >>
ITM Power to Lead Study on Renewable Hydrogen Injection into UK Gas Grid
The ITM Power-led project is examining the option of injecting hydrogen into the existing natural gas network, which would for example make it available to fuel cells for residential heat and power cogeneration (micro-CHP) once these are deployed in UK homes.
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