Two fuel cell minibus for Nordic ski World Championships in Val di Fiemme
On February 16, 2013,  two minibuses fuel cells powered by hydrogen were presented in  Trento
CHIC project: 5 fuel cell buses for Bolzano
The Council of Bolzano gave the green light to a notice for the purchase of 5 hydrogen buses. The 5 fuel cell buses are part of the CHIC project supported by European Union which was signed by a consortium of European cities and provinces including the Province of Bolzano, London, Oslo, Milan and Aarau.
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Energy independence with hydrogen
A building dating from the early ‘900 located in Gignod – Valle d’Aosta, is changing its energy class G (an oil boiler) to hydrogen. The needs for heat and electricity will be fully satisfied from renewable sources and the building will be independent of public power distribution networks: “off grid”.
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Next EU FCH Bus fleet project launched in Liguria
The latest EU Fuel Cell Hydrogen bus project, High V.LO-City, was inaugurated by the president of the Provice of Imperia on March 23, 2012.
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Rome: the first Italian hydromethane plant
On March 19, 2012 was presented the experimental CHP and fuel station system fueled with a mixture of hydrogen and methane, installed at the Sapienza University of Rome sports facilities – Viale Tor di Quinto.
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HLab: the Hera Group Laboratory for Energy
The structure will perform applied research on renewable and alternative energy sources. Research will focus on the most promising production technologies. Initially, the lab will have two sections: one dedicated to photovoltaics and one dedicated to hydrogen.
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H2 remediation – testing of new processes of “in situ” decontamination of polluted water tables or land
SAPIO Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno S.r.l. is the coordinator of the project: “H2 remediation – testing of new processes of “in situ” decontamination of polluted water tables or land”.
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Fuel cell powered sideloader
The project is aimed to produce a prototype of side loader with lifting power of 6-7 tons, with electrical traction and lifting systems powered by the current generated by traditional batteries or by a battery at combustion of hydrogen.
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Development of ultra low NOx combustor for hydrogen
The project consists in the identification and demonstration on pilot scale of technologies that can allow the hydrogen combustion with NOx emissions lower of those obtained with traditional technologies.
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Veneto Regional Council approves the list for access to research and development of hydrogen technology grants
The Veneto Regional Council Resolution No. 1275 of 3 August 2011 approves the list for access to grant for research and development of hydrogen technology, provided by a specific public notice dated April 2011. The hydrogen.. More info >>