Real FC – Residential Application in Lombardy of Fuel Cell Systems
Il Progetto Real FC prevede l’installazione di due sistemi cogenerativi, uno in ambiente di funzionamento “reale” e l’altro in ambiente di laboratorio, per valutare l’effettiva.. More info >>
Electric car sharing service “E-vai” in Milan, Varese and Como
On 14 December 2010, the electric was presented in Milan at Piazza Cadorna, realized thanks to an agreement between Trenitalia-LeNord and A2A The initiative includes 20.. More info >>
Regione Lombardia: 10 hydromethane Pandas
Today (March 22, 2011) ten hydro-powered Fiat Panda join the fleet of the Lombardy Region. The President Roberto Formigoni, the Councillor for the Environment, Energy and.. More info >>
Hydrogen-Mixture Project, Lombardy Region: first station opened
On February 8 the President of the Region of Lombardy Formigoni inaugurated the first hydrogen- natural gas mixture  station in L in Milan. The use of.. More info >>