Lombardy Region: 10 hydromethane Pandas

Today (March 22, 2011) ten hydro-powered Fiat Panda join the fleet of the Lombardy Region.
The President Roberto Formigoni, the Councillor for the Environment, Energy and Networks Marcello Raimondi and the Fiat Research Centre technical experts presented the cars at Palazzo Lombardia.
The Pandas belongs to a fleet of 20 cars whose use is aimed to test the environmental effectiveness, in terms of reductions of pollution, of the methane-hydrogen fuel mixture. The project includes a two years monitoring data and aims to explore the methane-hydrogen fuel mixture as a transitory step to the diffusion of pure hydrogen technology. Infact the Panda bifuel can be fueled by a mixture with 30% hydrogen, with a proportional emissions reduction of CO2 and NOx.
Exploiting also the existing supply infrastructure, such as the Assago distributor, it will possible to see if it is feasible to overcome the traditional problems related to the adoption of hydrogen as a fuel.