Parma: realm of the electric car

Zero Emission City is a pilot project launched by Pietro Vignali, Mayor of Parma, which aims to promote the use of electric vehicles in the city.

The start of the project is expected in 2011 with the installation of the first 100 electric charging points and at least as many electric vehicles. The project is expected to go fully operational by the end of 2012, with 300 points of charge installed and 400/450 electric vehicles circulating. The goal is to put into service at least 1000 electric cars by 2015

The project, founded with 9 million euro (1.9 for the starting phase), provides incentives up to 6 000 € for those who want to buy an electric car.

The idea was presented on January 24, 2011 at the “European policy for electric mobility: focus on Parma Green City ” conference sponsored by the City of Parma and the European Commission, represented by its Vice-President Antonio Tajani, who is convinced that Parma could be a EU leaders for innovation by joining the project ‘Smart Cities’ in order to become one of the concrete models for European cities.

Roberto Garbati, CEO of the utility IREN, and Fulvia Fazio, head of the Enel mobility projects, are both very interested in joining the project of Mayor Pietro Vignali. IREN will carry out 300 electric charging points.