Around Milan with the new hydrogen ATM bus

The three hydrogen-powered buses, that will soon be in service for ATM, are now arrived in Milan.

Wednesday 14 March 2012 at the conference of the European project Clean Hydrogen in European Cities (Chic), in which is also involved the City of Milan, was presented the new hydrogen ATM coach. The fleet of ATM is composed of three zero emission buses that will come soon in operation at the municipality of Milan.

The three Mercedes-Benz Citaro Fuel Cell Hybrid buses are hybrid vehicles with fuel cells. The new buses will refuel at two deposits: the ATM San Donato deposit, where the fuel station construction is almost completed, and another gas station yet to be built.

On the way test performed on March 14 it was possible to notice how these new hydrogen-powered buses, as well as prevent pollution of city air, are also very silent compared to traditional fuels bus. It also does not require special devices for drivers since there is no difference from other buses of ATMs.